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Corporate Financing in Kidderminster

At PAE Finance we are a local accountants in Kidderminster, owned by Paul Evans. Paul has been working in the industry for more than 30 years and possesses a wealth of knowledge in all areas within accountancy and established the business in April 2017. Our teamwork with corporate finance as well as individual’s financial services. The areas of expertise we specialise in, include tax returns, self-assessment, payroll and bookkeeping. We also focus on a range of industry sectors including hospitality, medical, CIS contractors and the construction industry.

At PAE Finance, we closely with clients and can provide ongoing support to help you grow your business, maximise your personal wealth and minimise your tax liability.

If you are looking for an accountant to help with corporate finance, we have a lot of experience working with many different businesses. Contact us now and we will be more than happy to help with any enquiries.

Our Corporate Finance Service

At PAE Finance we can understand that managing finance within a business or organisation can be a time-consuming and arduous job for management who have other aspects to look after within their business. Our accounting specialists work to help take away this burden and consequently give you as management, more time to focus on other attributes that build the foundation of your business.

We work to aid you with all aspects of finance, such as; capital investment, operations, banking and budgeting. You can be assured that as we have over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we can help to run your business’ finance efficiently, by making sure all of your accounts are accurate and that all tax is being paid.

Corporate finance is largely intended to maximise the value for shareholders by a combination of short and long term financial planning. At PAE Finance, we can help with all aspects within accounting and finance to ensure that you, as shareholders, get the maximum return on your investments in the form of dividends and increased share prices.

The Principles of Corporate Finance

Corporate finance involves anything that is related to finance within an organisation, although it can be broken down into these 4 areas:

  • Capital Structure – this is how a company finances its overall operations and growth by using different sources of funds. Capital structure could be a combination of long-term and short-term debt, common equity and preferred equity.
  • Investment and Valuation – the value of every project that a company undertakes is typically measured using the discounted cash flow method. This valuation helps to determine if a project is likely to be profitable for the company as well as for the investors.
  • Dividend Policy – the set of guidelines a business will use to work out how much of its earnings will be paid out to shareholders.
  • Working Capital – managing the working capital is essential for the continuous operations of the company, so plenty of time and effort goes into this area.


Where can I find an accountant near me?
If you are looking for a local accountant in Kidderminster, then you are at the right place! We cover all your accounting and finance needs, from payroll to bookkeeping whether you are a business or an individual looking for accounting assistance. Contact us now for more information.
Why choose PAE Finance?
At PAE Finance we specialise in all aspects of accountancy and finance to aid both businesses and individuals in Kidderminster. We have a wealth of experience which means that you can be assured that we will help with any of your financial upkeeping.
Why is accounting important?
Accounting is important for producing financial statements, collecting the income and expenses of your company and any other finance related situations within your business. It is important to keep track of where the money is going within your business so that you can run it as efficiently as possible.

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Looking for a local accountant in Kidderminster to help with your corporate finance? Then you are at the right place! We have over 30 years of knowledge and experience working with clients of all kinds. If you are looking for someone to manage your annual accounts, management accounts, bookkeeping, payroll and give you advice with self-assessment, PAE Finance can help! For more information about the services we provide or for any other enquiries, call us now on 01299 272 647.

We also carry out Corporate Financing to clients based throughout Worcester.